What is Abacus?

Basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are solved by simple movement of beads in this instrument. This helps the student to develop a pictorial representation of the problem in the brain and by regular practice, the brain learns to solve the problem without actual use of any aid including the abacus. The students thereby develop an exciting photographic memory.

Why we need Abacus?

Learning Abacus Stimulates Brain Function
“Need is the Father of Demand”, Intelligent Mind is the need of this time.
Since Ages, Education system around the all the parts of the world is developed to give opportunity to access accumulated knowledge of work done by precedents in various fields, of Science, Social, Math, Literature, History, Skills etc.

And here Abacus plays a role in stimulating the brain.

Benefits of Abacus

Children who learn the abacus generally achieve higher academic performance not only in arithmetic but also in all subjects because of the concentration. Abacus training increase concentration. Abacus training gives ability to solve arithmetical problem once looking at a problem and working it out mentally. On solving arithmetical problem mentally, children become proud on his capacity, grow their confidence, dare to challenge with others, try to make himself all-rounder and be successful in all areas.

Abacus helps in development of both Left and Right Brain which Improves Concentration, Enhances Memory, Induces Reasoning, Builds Analysing power, and Helps in All Round development.

How can the abacus mental math help the school work?

Most of young children started to learn “numbers” by counting their fingers. It is difficult for them to comprehend numeric relationships beyond the number 10 for lack of countable objects. Using regular math, children can use nothing but limited memory and brain power to solve arithmetic problems. Abacus presents multi-digit numeric relationships in a concrete bead-based system. Using an abacus, young children can relate number values and comprehend the concepts of mathematics easily. Therefore, the abacus math is far more superior to regular math that is presented to children in an abstract form.

Abacus math establishes numeric relations in a clear and logical way for small children. The abacus mental picture training will elevate memory power and improve concentration of a child. The speed training enables the child to respond to questions promptly. In addition, the speed hearing training encourages the child to dedicate full attention to study by listening more attentively and effectively. Ultimately, the abacus training will make the learner more confident and interested in school works, both curricular and extra-curricular. His/her creativity and ability to analyse problems will be improved considerably.

Arithmetic skill can be trained in different ways. However, resolving a mathematical problem quickly and accurately is not always accomplished by every child. The abacus math program complements and supplements the arithmetic approaches adopted in schools, and helps students to overcome the fears of mathematics, if any, and gain confidence. Evidence shows that those who have taken the abacus math program would have the following advantages:

  • Improved comprehension in math
  • Better and faster calculation skills
  • Better problem solving skills
  • Clearer logic reasoning
  • More attentive to instructions
  • Keener listening skill
  • Sharper memory
  • Better reflexes
  • Stronger mental formation skills
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Better endurance of stress and pressure
  • Better and faster calculation skills

Outcome of the abacus math program will also influence and be transferred to other subjects.

Course Duration

Math programs are of two levels having four terms each.

Each term is of 3 months duration. First level is compulsory. Second level is optional. A Student can leave the course after one year as all the basic things like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division will be covered in that duration.

CLASS Weekly: 2 Hours
TIME DURATION:One Year (Basic Course) | One year (Advanced Course)
AGE GROUP: 5-14 years

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